Benefits of LMS

With advancement in technology, extensive use of digital materials and changing needs of modern learners a traditional classroom-based approach becomes less and less efficient. To overcome the Schools and Colleges adopt Leaning Management Systems allowing teachers to realize various pedagogical models, deliver personalized learning, engage and connect students.

Bbelow are the benefits of Learning Management System when compared to traditional face-to-face learning environment.

A personalized approach to each student

In face-to-face learning environment it is quite difficult for a teacher to meet the diverse needs of individual students when there are twenty or thirty of them in the classroom. An LMS, in its turn, allows teachers to shift from "one-size-fits-all" model to a student-centered one, with a primary focus on student's needs and equal opportunities for everyone, independently of a background or abilities. With a system of LMS learning paths (a sequence of steps a student needs to take to pass the course) and a range of content formats available a teacher provides a unique, tailored learning experience, which cannot be achieved in a traditional class.

Unlimited tracking data

With adoption of LMS grants access to unlimited tracking data such as the time spent completing a specific assignment or test; documents download statistics, the latest course activities, learning paths statistics, completion reports, user grades statistics and much more. With all this data available, a teacher can not only improve students’ performance by finding the gaps in their knowledge but find shortcomings in the teaching process to maximize the teaching effectiveness.

Increased engagement and student's collaboration

It has been observed that the behavior of students with a low self-esteem is shyness are obstacles towards an active participation and engagement in the classroom activities, which, in their turn, are easily overcome in the online learning environment, where a student sits in a comfortable chair in front of the monitor and doesn’t fear to express the thoughts. The number of ways the content can be delivered is thru videos, text, audio and images, with allows a teacher to engage students and give a voice to less confident ones.

Parent's involvement

An LMS has a set of predefined roles, including a role of a parent who can log in to the application at any given time to check the child's attendance, track the grades, and communicate with a teacher. It helps to build better parent-teacher-student relationships, achieve more effective communication and parent's involvement with the student's learning.

Analytics and Reporting

LMS solution will help in creating reports and charts of interesting data such as assignment grades, lesson progress, proficiency coverage, missing work, student activity, course status, completion status and resource usage.

Flexibility, a room for pedagogical experiments and innovations

When compared to traditional classroom-based teaching, where a teacher has to follow a prescribed program, teaching online, with the help of an LMS, lets a teacher experiment, applying different learning models and techniques such as blended learning,  social learning etc., thereby find the approach working in this or that particular case.

Unlimited Customization Opportunities

An LMS Solution, can be widely customized and integrated with third-party plugins to reach the particular needs of each school

Cost Effective

An LMS solution will reduce the costs of circulation of study material, assessment tests which can be done online without use of paper, thereby saving previous natural resources like trees used for paper making. With the use of LMS solution the content prepared is available online and can be re-used as many time as wanted by teachers, it can be assigned to students in different classes and branches in one shot at a stretch.