What are the Benefits for Students using Moodle LMS?

  • Ease of use - it's a great place for your students, to become confident in using the web within a school-controlled environment.
  • Engaging content -with a variety of resource and activity types, learning on Moodle can be fun! Moodle supports a range of media to present or link to learning materials, support the students and to assess their learning.
  • Communicating and collaborating with peers - Using the course forums, students can discuss topics, share ideas and even feedback on each other's work.
  • Dashboard - Students can customize their own homepage within the site to tailor information and links to their individual needs using Dashboard.
  • Testing themselves - the Quiz activity can give immediate feedback to the students related to their answers so students can regularly test themselves building their knowledge and confidence throughout their learning journey.
  • Accessing learning materials 24/7 - Learning resources are available to the students whenever they want them. There's even a Mobile App to make access even easier via smartphone or mobile device!
  • Self-reflection - Moodle courses provide a personal space for students to reflect on their learning journey which could include recording feedback and/or setting targets for the future.
  • Gamification - Moodle's Badges allow students to be digitally rewarded for their achievements throughout their learning journey. Students can stretch and challenge themselves to earn all the badges available to them in a course.