Why Blended Learning is good for School?

Here are 10 powerful reasons why your education institution should use blended learning in your learning approach, from how it can future proof your business to how you'll be able to measure impact easily.

1. You'll be able to increase information retention by up to 60%

Studies show that blended learning helps to reduce cognitive load, helping to boost information retention by up to 60% for your students. This makes is a great way to maximise the investment in your learning programme.

2. Students will love learning through gamification 

Gamification such as quizzes and virtual reality elements encourage interactive problem solving. These allow your students  to have fun while being immersed in the learning  material, improving motivation and information retention within your team.

3. Blended learning will enhance your corporate sustainability goals

Online elements of blended learning are much more eco-friendly than traditional classroom sessions, reducing the need for as much paper or fuel for travel. This will help you meet your corporate sustainability aims, as well as being more cost effective.

4. Your students will become capable communicators and collaborators

 Students who can work together effectively are vital for your institution. Blended learning allows online forums as tools for discussion, providing your students with a variety of real-life opportunities to become better communicators.

5. Mobile phones will add value to your learning plan

Most of your students will be attached to their mobile phones, but this is actually a huge advantage in blended learning. You'll be able to send reminders, links and updates to your students to increase the power of your learning; as well as promote working partnerships and participation quickly and easily.

6. Blended learning can help to reduce stress in your school environment

For many of your students, traditional learning may have been a stressful experience. With blended learning, students can tailor their studies to suit their schedules and learning preferences, giving them more control. Reducing stress will have huge benefits on your students, as well as working to make your strategy more effective.

7. You'll be able to give vital feedback easily to your students

For blended learning to education, students need to have regular feedback on their progress and achievement. This helps inform future education and increases their motivation to continue. A learning management system (LMS) such as Moodle makes this easy, and it's hugely beneficial for your students.

8. Your education institution can create strong and influential social networks

The collaborative and often instant nature of blended learning will mean your institution and students can create influential professional networks on sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter; developing your professional reputation as a leader in the field.

9. Blended learning will help your institution to future proof

Collaboration, using ever-updating technology and being able to work with industry experts worldwide are all opportunities blended learning offers. These will give your institution and your students vital skills for future development, ensuring your institution stays relevant and competitive.

10. You can track the impact of learning accurately

Using an online management system such as Moodle in your learning strategy gives you accurate tools to track learning data within your School. You'll be able to clearly see the financial impact of your learning approach, giving you valuable information for future policies.