Custom Branding

Since every institution want to showcase their brand identity in each and every detail to get the attention of parents and students. It can be a logo or a colour theme, on your website, brochures, merchandise, or stationery. All those 'look and feel' of your institution will be customized.

Many educational institutions are increasingly using e-learning for teaching/learning, they don't spend much time and efforts on creating their own Learning Management Systems (LMS) since they don't have the resources for the same. We do it for so that when implementing an LMS solution, it should appear as your own.

Branding your LMS solution gives your students, parents and teachers a solid visual identification. They access the LMS every other day to access online learning courses, so the design should be user friendly. Customizing the LMS design impacts the overall response of students to the learning programs.

Most of the customizations are done for Login Page, Dashboard Customization, Domain & e-mail.