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LMS Implementation

We at Vignan World offer installation of  Moodle LMS solution on  Windows or Linux, depending upon requirement we recommend the best option for choosing the appropriate OS. With our  dedicated team of experts will ensure your site is up and running fast. With our experienced team we provide Moodle LMS where costs are minimized, and employee or learner engagement is maximized. 

Site Set-up & Security: 

We help you in registering your Domain and hosting configuration with SSL certificate provisioning for fast Deployment, more secure with amazing Performance. 

After post implementation, we manage the server,  databases, security, backups and upgrades with constant monitoring, tuning the performance of your system to make sure it stays in the best possible shape to deliver courses, quizzes, lectures and videos anywhere, anytime. 

Design & Theme Selection: 

We at Vignan World take utmost care during implementation by referring suitable theme which creates a  Unique User Experience Using Moodle LMS. With continuous version updates of LMS and design and UX trends, our expert team explores all features from rotating banners, alert messages to social media links, blocks, etc., which can be upgraded to your LMS without engaging expensive custom development. 

Plugins & Features: 

While implementation of Moodle LMS, selection of plugins is most important activity. To add a new functionality to LMS we need Plugin installation so your site does everything you need.

There is an extensive library of Moodle Plugins that will allow your LMS to do everything you want and need, but with hundreds to choose from, how do you know which combination of plugins will meet your requirement? We, with our team at Vignan World having years of experience and expertise in working with Moodle Plugins, explore and identify the best Moodle plugins for your School/organization. 

Some of the pre-installed plugins which are the top 10 in the list are included in our basic package are as below: 


  • Adaptable is a highly customizable responsive two column theme designed for use at Educational intuitions with the following features: 
  • Front page Marketing Blocks
  • Front Page
  • Footer
  • Dashboard
  • Course Page
  • Choice of two sliders on home page with custom colours
  • News / Announcements Ticker on Home / Dashboard
  • Extensive custom
  • Social icons or Search box in header
  • Mobile settings


Interactive Content – H5P 

Create and add rich content inside your LMS for free. One of the great benefits with using H5P is that it gives you access to lots of different interactive content types like Interactive Video, Quizzes, Collage and Timeline. 

Another great benefit with H5P is that it allows you to easily share and reuse content, translate to a new language or adjust it to a new situation. 


The Attendance plugin activity allows teachers to maintain a record of attendance, replacing or supplementing a paper-based attendance register. It is primarily used in blended-learning environments where students are required to attend classes, lectures and tutorials and allows the teacher to track and optionally provide a grade for the students attendance. The teacher  can set the frequency of their classes (# of days per week & length of course) or create specific sessions. 

To take attendance, the instructor clicks on the "Update Attendance" button and is presented with a list of all the students in that course, along with configurable options and comments. The default options provided are: Present, Absent, Late & Excused. Instructors can download the attendance for their course in Excel format or text format.

By using the Moodle communication channel, Notification can be sent to their parents informing absence of  their child.


Custom certificate 

The use of Custom Certificate plugin is to creation of dynamically generated certificates for the students. When the student is enrolled to a course, example course on “Computer Basics” after successfully completion of the course, the custom certificate module allows the generation of dynamic PDF certificates which can be customized with school logo and school name, Teacher name/ Principal name. 

Completion Progress 

The Completion Progress block is plugin which deals with the time-management for students based on the course assigned to the students. 

  • Visual representation of activities to be completed
  • Colour-coded for quick reference
  • Overview for teachers, identify students at risk
  • Combined progress on Dashboard page
  • The block shows activities with activity completion settings. 


The Hotpot activity module allows teachers to administer Hot Potatoes and TexToys quizzes via Moodle. These quizzes are created on the teacher's computer and then uploaded to the Moodle course. After students have attempted the quizzes, a number of reports are available which show how individual questions were answered and some statistical trends in the scores. 


The game activity module makes use of questions, quizzes and glossaries to create offer a variety of interactive games. 

This module gets input from quiz, glossary or questions and plays some games. The games are: 

  • hangman
  • crossword
  • cryptex
  • millionaire
  • sudoku
  • Snakes and Ladders
  • The hidden picture
  • Book with questions


Level up!- Gamification 

The easiest way to add gamification to your Moodle site! Engage your students! Gamify their learning experience by allowing them to level up in their courses. Feature of Gamification plugin are: 

  • Automatically attributes points to students for their actions
  • Block that displays current level and progress towards next level
  • Report for teachers to get an overview of their students' levels
  • Notifications to congratulate students as they level up
  • A leaderboard to display the ranking of the students
  • Ability to customise the number of levels, the points they require and their appearance
  • Total control over the points earned per action
  • Unlock content when a certain level is reached
  • Experience points earned per course, or for the entire site
  • Support for shortcodes to include in content 


MooTyper implements a typing practice/instruction functionality into Moodle. 

MooTyper is an Activity module. A course admin, manager, or teacher creates the activity and prepares it for use by selecting the keyboard layout and lessons to use.  It can be set up to present a series of exercises from a lesson or to present one selected exercise from a lesson as a typing exam. Once set up, students can then start to type the current exercise. When a student finishes an exercise his achievement is saved into a database, so the teacher can then view grades.


The Homework Block streamlines the process of managing homework activities by simplifying the way teachers set, track and mark their student’s homework. Homework Block not only provides benefits to teachers but also the students, school and parents too. 

Moodle Training Courses 

Vignan World as a part of implementation will provide training on Moodle Administrator Moodle Course Creation. 

This course is intended for Managers or persons who will manage a Moodle site. The topics covered will provide users with a foundational understanding of the features within Moodle used to facilitate day-to-day operations alongside user and course management. After completion of training,  learners will have working knowledge with  navigation skills in the following areas: 

  • Blocks and Navigation
  • Advanced Features
  • Calendar
  • Site Policies
  • User Accounts
  • User Creation
  • User Roles and System Roles
  • Category Management
  • Course Enrollment Methods
  • Course Backups & Course Restoresa