What are the Benefits for Teacher using Moodle LMS?

Sharing learning materials - With Moodle's rich resource toolkit, files and links to websites can be shared with students easily.  Even creating Pages of learning content with combining text, images and embedded video which can also be quickly created within a course. 

Granule level of Managing access to learning materials - Students class wise created as class groups to automatically provide access to the appropriate learning materials at a click. 

Updating course content - Teachers can have access 24/7 to Moodle LMS via a browser to update and add to course content for students to access immediately. 

Automated assessment -Teachers can use a variety of engaging question types in a Quiz to assess the students. Moodle has the capability to mark these and give immediate detailed feedback to the students on the fly which is ideal for both formative and summative assessment. 

Managing work submissions - Students can submit work and receive feedback and grades from the Teacher. Teachers can also construct a comment bank to help supplement personalized feedback with pre-defined statements. 

Communicating with learners - Moodle's messaging system allows students and teachers to communicate easily. Teachers can also communicate with groups of learners via course forums either to provide answers to learners' questions or to just get involved in discussions. 

Monitoring progress / Reports -For Monitoring student progress, Moodle's stores each student's scores from any graded activities. Snapshot reports can be viewed at any time to see how each student is progressing through the course materials also compare with other students. Moodle also provisioned with  full audit trail to monitor when and how regularly your students are accessing resources.